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The Report Presents Insightful Analysis on China's LED Industry Trends

LED lighting is bringing the third revolution in human lighting history after incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp. It is not only energy saving and environmental friendly,but also will bring the lighting industry into electronic digital times, leading to human productivity and life changes. As one of the key emerging strategic industries with most featuring potentials of the twenty-first Century, Chinese government has always attached great importance to LED industry. In the "State Council decisions on the cultivation and speeding up the development of new strategic industries", LED lighting was listed as one of the seven major themes of development.

 Up to recently, LED lighting products are gradually adopted by Chinese people and increasingly used in the mainstream lighting applications enabled by the rapid advances of the LED technology. Especially since 2011, in order to invigorate domestic market and boost domestic demand, incentives program and corresponding subsidy policies from national finance is also about to be released. LED lighting products to replace incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and other inefficient lighting products has become a general trend and top priority. With the LED lighting market development enters the crucial stage, the huge market prospects has attracted numerous domestic and foreign LED companies making inroads into the lighting market, fueling up the competition with wide variety of LED products. Therefore, deep understanding of the LED industry with accurate market information has become a prerogative for decision making and market strategy development from enterprises and government agencies.

 As the pioneering leader in professional LED market research & consulting, CSA Consulting has officially released this featuring report <China LED Industry Development Report 2011: Specially Focusing on General Lighting Market>, in order to meet the demand of industry development. Taking LED indoor and outdoor lighting applications as entry points, the report presents insightful analysis on China's LED industry trends and policy system, with well-illustrated industry segments studies and sector forecast. The report is divided into seven chapters, focusing on 2010 and 2011 China's LED policy guidelines, technical progress, market size, import and export, manufacturers and sales, market demand, competition landscape, investment, market channels establishment etc.. The forecast of future development of LED industry is also conducted based on well-factored models and rich data sources. Combining macroscopic analysis on LED industry patterns and trends with in-depth investigational sector studies, the report aims to provide valuable guidelines and reliable references for enterprise management, market development, added-value services and R&D practices. This is the first comprehensive research report on China's LED general lighting industry, as well as the first of a series of LED industry reports to be published by CSA Consulting.

Fig. 1 Market share of types of LED lighting product in China

Fig. 2 The forecast of LED lighting products vs. traditional lighting products growth trend in the next 5 years

This report was accomplished by CSA Consulting based on long-term market tracking and analysis in the LED industry, combining a wide range of LED enterprises study and investigational market research throughout 2011, on top of Municipal Lighting Project (10 Cities 10 Thousand Lights) nationwide survey and the LED Application Pilot Project (Three Ministries) survey. We welcome suggestions and feedback from our clients, so that we can continuously improve our consulting services dedicated to provide the most reliable and authoritative LED industry analysis in China.

 During the research process, many industry experts and scholars put forward many valuable recommendations for improvement; and also, during investigations, numerous industry enterprises and institutions gave us full support and cooperation. We hereby expressed our most sincere thanks to them.

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